Testi_KraftWelcome to North Rhine Westphalia, the Sporting State. It is a great pleasure for us to have Europe's top canoe poloists here this summer. Lake Baldeney, at the heart of the industrialised Ruhr, is not only a popular tourist destination but also a watersport paradise. Set against an idyllic backdrop, it is an outstanding venue for top-class competitions and provides the best possible conditions for the European championships in a sport with a growing fan base in Germany and elsewhere. Hardly surprising, given that canoe polo is a fast-paced sport, full of energy and guaranteed entertainment. Another given is that this major sporting event is again organised seamlessly and professionally. Here, too, the old saying remains true that everything comes in threes. The Rothe Mühle e. V. Essen 1924 canoe club is hosting the championships for the third time now. It is a compliment and vote of confidence for a club whose experience, organising skills and enthusiasm are a recipe for success. I would like to express rny gratitude to you, the organisers, club members and volunteers, for your untiring efforts and the hospitality so characteristic of North Rhine Westphalia. Thank you for turning visitors into friends! Let me call on our guests to take the time to look at Essen and its surrounds. The historic centre of Werden, just down the road, the Heisinger Boden bird sanctuary, the Hesper Valley heritage railway, the famous Villa Hügel mansion, the old castle ruin of Neue Isenburg and the Karte Klippe lookout point exemplify the beauty and riches of the region and a city which , just a few years ago, earned the title of European Capital of Culture.
Please enjoy your time here in North Rhine Westphalia.

Hannelore Kraft
The State Prime Minister of North-Rhine Westphalia




Testi_PassLadies and Gentleman, On behalf of the City of Essen it is with great pleasure that I welcome all team members and spectators to the eleventh European Championship in Canoe Polo. I am delighted that Lake Baldeney has once again been chosen as the venue for this event, this now being the third time it has had this honour. I am particularly pleased as it gives us the opportunity to welcome the top European teams in th is discipline to our Metropolis on the Ruhr. For the next five days the athletes of the European canoe polo Championship will be turning Lake Baldeney into foaming waters as they maneuver around it in their boots and with their paddles. I am sure that no quarter will be given when it comes to fighting for' the ball. For the spectators it means that they can look forward to many thrills, spills and excitement. At the same time the teams will be able to enjoy the vocal support of an enthusiastic crowd of onlookers. The European Championship in Essen will no doubt be a memorable occasion for all those concerned. The Canoe Sports Club Rothe Mühle 1924 Essen will be making sure that the tournament is weil organised and that everything runs smoothly. This will be the third time that the club, with its dedication, experience and above all its professional organisational abilities will be putting on th is big event. In the name of the City of Essen I would like to thank you for your excellent work. Finally I would like to personally wish all the teams every success and all the spectators lots of fun and excitement du ring the eleventh European Championship in Canoe Polo Glück auf!

Reinhard Paß 
Lord Mayor of Essen




Testi_WoodsI must apologise for not being able to join all the Canoe Polo family in Essen this year for the ECA Canoe Polo Championships for Seniors and U21. I am sure that as always the DKV will put on a fantastic display because of their excellent organisational abilities. Tomas Konietzko, the DKV President will be there and is a re-elected member of the ECA Board. We will continue to work together for at least the next four years. May I wish all the Canoe polo family a great Championships with the Best teams winning the medals. Have a fantastic competition. Good luck to you all, and best wishes to all my friends.

Albert Woods OBE ECA President




Testi_KonietzkoWelcome everyone to the 2015 European Canoe-Polo Championships here in Essen. From 26th to 30th August this year's European Canoe-Polo Championships will be held at the Baldeneysee in Essen. During this time the best European women's and men's teams as weil as the best up-and-coming junior teams will gather in Essen's newly refurbished Regatta house to compete against each other and crown their champions. As president of the German Canoe Federation I personally and on behalf of the executive committee warmly welcome all athletes, their support teams as weil as all officials and hopefully many spectators to this event. It was an honour for us, the German Canoe Federation to be granted the hosting of this Championship by the European Canoe Association and we were pleased that in consultation with the State of North Rhine Westphalia we could entrust this event to the capable hands of the Canoe Sports Club Rothe Mühle eV, who have won the German Championships in Canoe-Polo no less than twenty times. I would like to thank the Club's executive committee and all the volunteers who have worked so hard over the last months and especially in the last few weeks to ensure that everything will be perfect for the competition events this weekend on the Baldeneysee in Essen. I would also like to thank all those responsible in the State of North Rhine Westphalia and the city of Essen for their support in ensuring that all competing athletes and teams not only have excellent training facilities, but also the very best competition conditions as weil as all sponsors and others who have supported this Championship event. I hope that all the events in this forthcoming European Championship will be contested in equally good weather conditions providing all competing teams optimal conditions to produce their best performances. This would be the best way to showcase our Canoe sport in general and especially Canoe-Polo.

Thomas Konietzko
President of German Canoe Federation (DKV)




Testi_SchneelochIt is nearly impossible to run a more rapid sport on water! Near the regatta tower of Lake Baldeney, here in the City of Essen, you will hardly be able to snatch a free space at the spectators stand during 26 to 28 August 2015, when the 11 th European Championships of Canoe Polo are taking place. It is not a big surprise that Canoe Polo Club 'Rothe Mühle Essen' has been assigned organising and implementing this international sports event. 'Rothe Mühle Essen' has decades of experience in executing such top class tournaments. Being the President of the association of sport of the federal state North Rhine Westphalia, it is one of my utmost concerns that international sport events are taking place here, therewith making a name for our region . The European Championships of Canoe Polo at the 'Baldeneysee' in the City of Essen are surely contributing to this goal. I also wish to thank all who organise all important matters from backstage in order to grant success. I am confident that the many active sportsmen- and women who have come to Essen from many different nations will fascinate a broad local and international audience with their sport. I am further confident that this particular sport event will contribute to and promote sustainable Canoe Polo sport. I will be very pleased if this event will provide an incentive to one or the other spectator to commence actively practicing and exercising this exciting water sport. I herewith wish all active sportsmen- and women, spectators and certainly the responsible staff GOOD LUCK for the 11 th European Championships. I do sincerely ho pe that this event will not only be seen and understood being an international sports event, but that it also transpires the ties of friendship and people connecting properties of sport. My greetings in this spirit! You are very welcome guests here in Essen.

Walter Schneeloch
President of Department of sports North-Rhine Westphalia
Vice-President DOSB




Testi_ReineckIt is my great pleasure to welcome the best national canoe polo teams of Europe in the city of Essen. We are proud to present another international canoeing championship in Northrhine-Westfalia. The city of Essen is a main site for canoeing in our state. 28 of our 380 northrhine-westfalian canoe clubs are at home in Essen. Especially national and international canoe polo championships in Essen possess a remarkable tradition. The organizing team of Rothe Mühle Essen, one of our most successful clubs, will guarantee professional preparations for a great tournament. We are happy to get important support by the local authorities of the city of Essen and the state of Northrine-Westfalia. I am sure that every team will engage in intense and strong competitions to demonstrate their skills, determination and creative ability to fight for the European canoe polo crown. Enthusiastic spectators are looking forward to exciting matches. I wish you all the luck and the best to win.

Thomas Reineck
President of Canoe Federation of North-Rhine Westphalia